♠ About me ♣
 Fanni, Hungarian , lives in northern Sweden 
 metal and folk music
 cat person 
 winter creature
 natural hair color: blue
 pixel art, kawaii things, linguistics, makeup&hair stuff
 alternative styles; Japanese street fashion; traditional clothes
 GTA vice city, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Super Mario, Witcher 3, etc


♠ About the layout + Credit ♣


 My favourite pixel artist is Bitmapdreams, a lot of the pixel decor on my blog are from her website~  
 Background: my pic
 Header: donuts are from Bitmapdreams, the shield/rest is drawn by me/my own pictures, except for the dangling thingies [I found them on tumblr, I do not know the original artist T_T ]~

 Pixel-source and favourite sites, artists: 
 Kawaii Sozai sites   Bitmapdreams  Pretty things 
+ a lot of things on my blog are self-made. 

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